Pinterest’s most coveted #1: Style

Pinterest is my addiction. I can (and, all too often, do) spend hours at a time scrolling and pinning. It’d all be harmless fun if I didn’t so regularly buy the things I see. That, however, is only possible in the case where the pin in question links to the website where the piece of clothing/pair of shoes/cute handbag is available for purchase.

Unfortunately, this is seldom the case with pins, thus my boards are full to bursting point with things that I either have no idea where to buy, or I never have a hope of being able to afford. Never before has there been a first world problem of such a magnitude.

With this in mind, I bring you the first in a series of blog posts of the items on my Pinterest boards I most want, and can’t have; the individual pieces from my Style board.


Tokyo Crystal Wrap Watch

This Tokyo Crystal Wrap Watch is definitely one of the items on my Style board that I most long for. Coral and gold are so beautiful together. Yet, I don’t own any coral or gold clothes or accessories. This could have been the purchase to change all that.

The pin originally came from, with the watch costing €125.51. Unfortunately, it’s sold out, and has been for the last four months since I originally pinned it. I have yet to come to terms with this heartbreak.


Haute Hippie Beaded Snake Halter 

Another item from my board that is cruelly out of stock. I have the biggest grá for maxi dresses because of their ability to flatter any figure and make you feel like you’re wearing jammies. This particular dress is just a beautiful cut/shape/fabric.

The dress and belt are from Regardless of the status of the dress, its sale price is €587.89, and frankly, no matter how many times I open my purse and shake it, I can’t seem to find that kind of money in it.

3abe0d489ea2a54897c49488e6302f9dEmbellished Jacket

This is one of those pins I repinned from some other gal’s board and I haven’t the foggiest idea where it might be from. My guess is somewhere expensive though, because look at that detail. No, really, just sit back and appreciate the whole jacket for a second. It’s flawless.

The model should close her mouth though. She’ll catch flies.


Michael Kors Devon Shoulder Tote 

Sometimes big bags are so bulky that they lose some of their classiness. Not this Michael Kors bag though. If I had this bag in my life, I’d probably just sit and look at it all day long.

Unfortunately, I know exactly where I can buy this bag, in fact I’ve actually seen it in the Michael Kors shop out in Dundrum. It’s in or around €399. So it probably isn’t going to make it into my life anytime soon.


7 for All Man Kind Coral Snakeskin Pants

I love snakeskin. And I love coral. What a genius idea these pants were. Why didn’t I think of it?

The pin links to a blog article about the 7 for All Man Kind’s 2012 Fall Preview Show. I had a root around on their website, and while they still have coral pants, they definitely don’t have these bad boys anymore. Their pants are generally valued around €200, so I wouldn’t really be buying one in every colour regardless.


Isabel Marant Boots 

Boots are probably my very favourite type of shoe. I have 10 pairs, and I’d buy 10 more if my budget allowed it. These are among some of the coolest boots I’ve ever seen. I’d probably sell my granny to get my hands on them.

All I know about their origin is that the pin said they were Isabel Marant boots. I’ve tried to find them but have had no luck. At a guestimation, judging by the price of other types of Isabel Marant shoes, they’re around the €400 mark.


I particularly love this because clutches are so regularly associated with formal dress or going out outfits, but this looks like it could be worn for day or night. It might actually fit more than your lipstick. You could probably get a book in there (essential).

The clutch was originally available from, where most of their stuff is actually really reasonably priced. Unfortunately, it’s, as you may have guessed, out of stock.


Nicole Miller Pants 

These beauties were featured in the Nicole Miller Spring 2014 collection. I think they look like they’d be more suited to an Autumn/Winter collection, but I’m not going to question the decisions of an internationally renowned fashion designer. The bottom line is, they are super chic.

There’s no sign of these up on Nicole’s website just yet, but it’s only January so I’m sure they’ll pop up soon. At a guess, from the price of other pants in her collections, they’ll be around €200. I guess I’ll just have to hang a picture of them in my wardrobe instead of an actual pair.


Milly Crossbody Coral Bag

Did I mention that I really love coral? This bag is adorable. It’d go so well with my watch and snakeskin pants.

I’ve been scouring the internet for this particular bag but I’ve never been able to find it. There are other coral handbags, but none as nice as this one. Milly bags vary in price from €150-€400.


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