Confessions of a Social Media Addict


There’s really only one thing for it at this stage, I need to hire a personal assistant. So vast has my online presence become, that I can no longer maintain it by myself. At this stage, I have my own Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn Profile, Blog (no, duh), Pinterest account, Instagram, MixCloud, SoundCloud, Spotify and Good Reads. It’s EXHAUSTING.

I remember a simpler time, around the age of 14, when if you had a Bebo account and maybe MSN Messenger, that was all you needed to stay atop the happenings of the internet. Not anymore though, now you need Facebook and Instagram to carry out regular checks on who is having more fun than you are, a Twitter account to tell you what’s happening in the world, a LinkedIn profile to show yourself off to potential employers/stalkers, a SoundCloud or MixCloud to showcase your journalistic talents, and a Pinterest account to store your hopes and dreams.

You can’t even listen to music in peace anymore. Spotify has put a stop to that. Now your Spotify account is linked to your Facebook page so to shame you in front of your peers over your questionable music taste.

It would be so easy to divulge into the many reasons why it’s not right to live your life through the internet or share so much of your world on it, but I’m not going to. The fact is, and I’ve written about this here before on this blog, the internet and social media allows people to give off a perception of themselves that may not be entirely true.

We all do it. We untag the pictures where we resemble a mongoose, and we update our profile pictures to the ones where the good lighting made us look like a distant cousin of Beyoncé. We check ourselves in at locations, but generally only if it’s somewhere cool or we’re with a lot of friends. We mull over a status update for ages before we post it, to ensure it contains enough witt that everyone will think you’re gas.


There may be people who will fight to the bitter end to prove that they don’t use their social media accounts in this manner, but I think there’s a little part of everyone who stops for a second to consider how a photo, status, tweet or comment will reflect themselves to everyone who can see it. Admitting it is the first step to recovery.

Equally as important as admitting you do this yourself, is realising that everyone else does it too. So next time you’re begrudgingly stalking that one girl’s Facebook page because you think she defines the glam life, pause for a second and remember that looks, and social media, can be hugely deceiving.

Of course I fully accept that there are exceptions to every rule. Out there, somewhere, there are some people who genuinely don’t give a continental about what other people think of them. I long to be one of these people, and maybe some day I will be, but for the moment, I will continue to keep a close eye on my social media persona.


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