And we won a Smedia!


The DCUfm News Team

The National Student Media Awards (or the Smedias/Shmeeeediaaaaaas) are the highlight of our year in DCUfm. The event is the equivalent of our Oscars. We don’t count down the days to Halloween, or Christmas or summer break. Instead, we count down to the Smedias.

The awards are organised every year by and pit media students from across the country against each other in bitter competition – think The Hunger Games, but with a little less sex appeal. The categories cater for every type of media, from animation to radio to online.

In DCUfm, we try our best to mention the ‘S’ word as little as possible before January, but we often fail. Although none of our specialised Newswire shows are done particularly for the purpose of entering them into the awards, the thought is always in the back of our minds. After we’ve gotten Christmas out of the way, it more or less consumes the members of the DCUfm news team.

Our category in the Smedias is Radio News & Current Affairs Production of the Year and we enter every year. However, this year, for the majority of the news team, it was our final chance to enter the awards, and bring home that tiny glass ball of glory. Countless meetings, sleepless nights, arguments and fall outs with audio-editing software later, we had our entry. On Wednesday night, we suited and booted, crossed our fingers, and headed for The Ballsbridge Hotel to bring home the bacon.

Winning this award with the rest of the news team, is the best possible way to finish my three years with DCUfm. A huge amount of work went into the show that made the winning entry ‘Newswire Budget 2013 Special’. It was two hours long and involved a team of 10. So although Nick and I stole the actual trophy, and it now sits proudly in our living room, the aforementioned tiny ball of glory belongs to every single person on this team.


A huge congratulations to all the winners on the night, particularly to our colleagues and friends in DCU; Derek O’Brien, Sarah Bermingham, Barry Lenihan and Ciaran O’Connor for their awards. 

Our award winning entry ‘Newswire Budget 2013 Special’ can be heard here:


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