What Sex and the City has taught me…

Sex-and-the-City--The-Movie-sex-and-the-city-496620_1222_687In my house, we watch a lot of Sex and the City. I mean A LOT.  I have the box set and it’s not completely unusual to find myself and my three house mates watching one episode after another, without any desire to turn it off.

We don’t care that the series ended in 2004, that we’ve seen every episode seven times or that the second movie was probably not worth the paper the script was written on. We love it unconditionally regardless.

Many a conversation has been formed around the foursome that is Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda, while arguments have often risen over which character is most like ourselves.

That’s all ok though, as I feel that the show has taught me so very much about life that I would never have learned otherwise. Allow me to share with you, these gems of wisdom:

1. You really don’t have to work very hard to be rich. – Who knew? Well clearly these four do. Look at Carrie; she can afford an apartment in Manhattan, has one hundred pairs of $400 shoes and eats out every day. Her job? She writes a single, half-page sex column in an unknown paper every week, which mostly follow the structure of “such-and-such-a-thing happened this week… I couldn’t help but wonder… *insert something profound*”. Sure I could do that. Clearly I too will be rich with this career choice.

2 . It is possible to never wear the same outfit twice. EVER. – Again, who knew? None of the clothes that are worn at any stage in the six series and two films are ever repeated. Despite these clothes all being designer and equating to the cost of a small house, nobody ever feels the need to give them more than one wear. Yet, they also don’t seem to have huge storage issues either. Then again, Carrie does use her oven to store her sweaters.

3. It’s very easy to meet single men. They’re everywhere. – In fact, you don’t even need to look because every male is a potential suitor. All the men in the gym? Yep. The bartender? Sure. That guy that makes furniture? Absolutely. Now ladies, doesn’t that make things easier? And you just sit tight, because he will come over and ask you out.

4. If she won’t give you $40,000, she’s not a good friend. – What do you mean she won’t give you $40k so you can put a deposit on your apartment because you spent your life’s earnings on shoes? You know what you should do? Shun her until she feels really guilty and lets you pawn off her engagement ring. This will work.

5. If he copies and pastes poetry into emails, all should be forgiven – Ok so he jilted you at the alter, leaving you humiliated with nothing but the dead bird in your hair and your Vera Wang dress, but sure didn’t he send you poetry that he had stolen from a book? Clearly you are on to a winner here. Forgive him immediately.


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