RIP Laptop: An Ode to an Old Friend

There’s been a bit of a lull in posts in the last few weeks. This is for one reason only. I’m still in mourning for my dear old friend laptop. Laptop had a good life and served me the best he could, in spite of his short comings.

All the signs were there that our time would shortly come to an end, his health was definitely ailing. It started with his energy levels. When he was a new, bright young thing, laptop could go for up to three hours without any need to be plugged in. However, as time went by, I noticed a change in laptop. He was no longer able to last a full bus journey from Dublin to Kilkenny. Soon he barely managed the stroll from one room to another without being plugged in.

Eventually, this happened:


I knew the end was near, and it didn’t take long about coming. Despite my finest efforts to nurse him back to health, my laptop now resembles this:


No, not really. I just Googled broken laptops to get that picture. But it is broken.

Thus, I’ve resorted to speaking very kindly to iPad and begging him to do all the tasks that Laptop used to undertake. iPad does his best, but can’t always find links to my favourite programmes that he can play and there’s just no way around the old-lady touch-screen typing.

Currently, I am trying to save all the pennies and attempt to buy one of these bad boys:


It’s a slow process though, as I have poor self-control and new clothes and handbags are just too difficult to resist.


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