Radio Documentary: Tales in the Ink

“Tales in the Ink” is a 30-minute original radio documentary that I recorded and produced as part of my Radio Documentaries class in college. After several weeks of interviews, editing, crying and tantrums, it finally came together in time to be submitted. Listening back to it since submitting it this morning, there’s a thousand things I’d change about it if I had time. In fact, if you gave me another week, I reckon it would sound a lot different to what it sounds like now. Better, hopefully. Regardless, I had a lot of fun making it.

A huge thank you to all my interviewees, who were hugely patient as I shoved my ridiculous looking recorder in their faces and asked them stupid questions. You know who you are.

“Tales in the Ink” examines the stories behind people’s tattoos; why they chose to get the tattoo that they did, and most importantly, if they regret it now.

For your amusement, here are my parents’ comments after listening to the documentary:

Dad: “Will your lecturer like that though? Are tattoos an interesting subject?”

Mam: “30 minutes is very long, isn’t it?”

I feel thoroughly reassured that I’ll get a good grade now.

They never put my drawings on the fridge when I was younger either. 😦 #YoungestChildSyndrome


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