Instagram Me Beautiful

Instagram is both a blessing and a curse isn’t it?

I mean on the one hand, you have the opportunity to make even the most hideously boring picture taken on your low-pixeled smart phone, look like a work of the finest photography around. The photo of you looking like a geebag of the highest order suddenly can be altered to make you look like a rockstar.

But then there’s the feelings of over-whelming insecurity that Instagram stirs up inside of you: Why does everyone look like their lives are so much cooler than your life is? Why do they eat nicer foods and have nicer clothes and go nicer places than you do?

Don’t worry sweetheart, it’s probably all a farce.

The pretty food that those people on your Instagram homepage are eating? It probably took an hour and a half to make, and then still tasted like overcooked jam. The nice clothes? That person is definitely going to have to sew themselves into them every morning, and even then they’ll have muffin top. And the nice places? Well that pretty sunrise/sunset may make it look like it’s a nice place, but it’s probably actually Longford, and it more-than-likely started to rain right after that picture was taken, causing the photographer to fall in a puddle and ruin their hair.

See, now don’t you feel better about your not-at-all-cool life? You’re welcome.

As for my Instagram, it’s essentially a place of worship for my pets. Yeah, I’m cool.



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