Hanging with the Little People

The Little People

Between a trip to Dubai, being interviewed on the radio, entering a cocktail competition and meeting Santa himself, it was a fairly jam-packed 2012 for the Little People.

In fact, these guys probably had a better social life in the last 12 months than I did. And they are two and a half inches in height. They are also dolls.

The Little People are the stars of a 366 day photography project by photographer Vicky Comerford, which saw the Kilkenny woman take a picture a day, every day, for the duration of 2012. Using her website, Vicky recorded the progress of the project and uploaded the photos to the internet every day.

This is not the first project of this type that Vicky has undertaken:

“I did the 365 project in 2011, around Kilkenny and the county. At the end of the year, it was hard to stop. Just before Christmas, I aquired the family of eight dolls. On the first of January, I took them out to the Wellie Race in Castlecomer.” Vicky says.

Over the next six weeks, Vicky continued taking pictures of the Little People, without telling anyone what she was doing, for fear that she wouldn’t keep going. However, the project soon began to take off and grew a large following on Facebook.

“They came to life for a lot of people. People would text me and say, ‘I want to go to bed, can you put the photo up?’” She says.

The project took both dedication and a never-ending imagination.

“It took about half an hour every day. Some days I had no ideas. It was difficult because if you didn’t have the photo up by midnight, you’d have broken it.”

The family of wooden dolls, bought in a toy shop in Kilkenny City, were true patrons to their county, appearing at events around the county. They even made the journey to Croke Park in September to shout for the Cats in the All-Ireland final.

Despite the glitz and the glamour of their year, 2012 wasn’t entirely a picnic for the Little People. In fact, Carmel, one of the stars of the family, fell victim to a tragic accident, which resulted in the loss of her leg. However, with Christmas, came not only a replacement leg for Carmel, but also a proposal from one of the other dolls.

As 2012 drew to a close, Vicky was forced to decide where the Little People would go.

“I considered killing them off.” She says, “But I couldn’t do that. They disappeared for a few days but people made me feel so bad.”

She admits it wasn’t easy for her to say goodbye though. “I’m heartbroken. When I went out the door, the first thing I would make sure was that I had them with me.”

When last seen, the Little People were stuck in Manchester with no papers, however rumour has it they might just turn up in 2013 for The Gathering.

If only I had as eventful a year.

You can see all 366 photos of how the Little People’s year unfolded on Vicky’s blog, by clicking here


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